Zen, Darkness, and Trees

November 26, 2017

Hi everyone! Gee, it's been a while since I wrote a blog post.


I've been taking a lot of time to develop my skills (specifically trees) lately. My paintings have been based more on remakes of paintings I admire. My originals have been educated guesses. 


To be honest, it's been super frustrating. It's hard to look at my paintings and actually feel something sometimes.


A couple weeks ago, I felt numb. My artwork seemed to lack originality, feeling, and spirit. It was just flat. Nothing felt right. Even my screenplays were going nowhere. I took a good, hard look at myself, and realized that I was hiding a lot of personal pain.


I dared the depths of my dark thoughts that seemed to strip my worth away, and found that there was a deep need for space, trust, and overall peace. From missing my friends who are all traveling internationally (quite permanently) to having a crappy semester, and having relationship troubles, my mind had been numbing the pain. 


I faced it all while taking a shower in the dark (you should try it sometime, it's so spiritually refreshing; Good for migraine alleviation,) and in that darkness, I cried, and cried, and cried.


Suddenly-- out of the darkness came a light.


I had new inspiration for a screenplay I hadn't touched in over a year--


My paintings were starting to evoke more emotion than they ever had before (in my humble opinion)--


My mind was clear, and I felt rooted in the now.


I started to practice small paintings, free from the pressure to be perfect or share it on social media, and just enjoyed the true essence of painting. 


I've been having so much fun.


Here are some examples:




And then...



 So proud of that one!!!!


Then some other small ones:





I even made some remakes of other artist's originals:

Above: Remake of Harumichi Shibasaki's Youtube tutorial:




Below: Benzinefire's Youtube tutorial: 



Above: Remake/remix of Julia Pashkova's waterfall painting. Follow her and check her other art out on her Instagram:

@jullitka https://www.instagram.com/jullitka/


So much better when I do a remake, right?


This is the power of painting remakes. It gives you something to reference from. It gives you an idea of what your ideal skills should look like.


You ask yourself:

"Okay, how do I accomplish this?

How do I make this look like that?

What technique was that?

Were they listening to music?

What was his or her speed?

How much emotion is in this?

What are the main differences between this and that?

How can I make this better?

How do I take my self to the next level?"


Have a nice day, folks :)





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November 26, 2017

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