Supplies List: Realistic Raindrops

1. Paper: Cold pressed 140 lb watercolor paper. I use Arches and Saunders. I highly recommend using either of these brands or other high quality paper brands for the best results. Please a 9"x7"piece of paper prepared. Please also have an 8"x11" piece of paper prepared for our technique warm-ups. If you have scratch paper lying around, bring that too! However, whatever you have will work fine no matter what. Bring what you have :) 

2. Reference photos: Reference photos will be sent before class. 


3. Paint: Watercolor tubes are preferable, but pans will work fine. My personal favorite brands are Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, M. Graham, and Schminke.


Colors needed for this workshop:​​

  • Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, or Cobalt Blue

  • Lavender

  • Burnt Umber

  • Alizarin Crimson or Napthol Red

  • Indigo (Payne's Gray Blue or Neutral Tint will also work.)


NOTE: Bring what you have. As long as you have something close to these colors, you are good to go.

3. Other materials:

  • Water container

  • Masking Fluid (This is an essential item!)

  • Pencil

  • Masking or blue painter's tape

  • Board or flat surface to adhere paper to

  • Paper towels/Old cloth or t-shirt you don't mind messing up with paint

  • Paint brushes: The round, rigger, and hake brushes will be used the most.

  • Spray bottle/mister (recommended, but not required)